Improving our communication

We’re excited to announce a new effort to improve our communication with those interested in Family Builders and our mission. One of the ways we’ll be doing that is through our newly launched newsletter and monthly blog.

If you read our blog or sign up for our newsletter, you’ll see tips, client stories, and information you can apply within your own family. We hope the upcoming information we share will assist in preventing child abuse and neglect and help strengthen families.

We will also be commenting on current affairs in the national media, including stories like the allegations against public figures like Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. We need to bring those types of stories to the local level. It’s important to understand how these stories impact our families and learn lessons from them.

This blog and newsletter will help further the mission of Family Builders by reaching out to the public and educating individuals and families. Our ongoing mission is to:

  • Stop the cycle of abuse and family violence by treating the issue at the root of the problem. This means that we target the source of the abuse, the abuser, and provide him or her with tools for building healthy relationships.
  • Solve the issues of abuse and family violence through training and education of those who are committed to serving children and families in some way. This includes parents, teachers, pastors, volunteers and child-serving organizations such as schools, churches, youth sports leagues, after school programs, day care centers and youth camps.

Abuse and violence don’t just affect families. They affect communities. According to Prevent Child Abuse America, the annual cost to fight child abuse and neglect is $80 billion. But, you can help make our community a better place for us all, and for the children whose lives are changed through the work of Family Builders. Our organization provides a wide variety of services to parents, families, individuals and community groups.

If you know anyone who might be interested in staying up to date on our mission, please encourage them to sign up for our newsletter here on our website.

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