Quick parenting tips

Mother’s Day is approaching and it is a time to recognize the amazing women in our life who have taken care of us over the years. Celebrate the female role models who made an impact and helped to shape your future. When Mother’s Day rolls around it is not only an opportunity to honor our mothers, but to honor the act of parenting.

In that spirit, here are some quick tips for parenting.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs one can hope to have. However obtaining effective parenting skills takes practice every single day. Many parents know that it is common to experience difficulties when it comes to those daily activities such as mealtime, bedtime, and bath time. One of the best things you can do for a child is to create a daily routine to follow when it comes time for these.

Create small goals and set a strategy or reward system for when they are accomplished. It is helpful to encourage positive behavior rather than rewarding negative behavior with attention. To achieve this takes a small change in one’s mindset. Try not to overlook when your child does something correctly, and reward it with the necessary praise.

Feeling loved and safe helps to create a sense of self worth and confidence in your children. Have you hugged your child today? This can be the easiest, yet sometimes overlooked, step in effective parenting. It is important for those of all ages to know that sense of comfort and protection from their parents. At times it can be simple to remember this for the younger ones, but is essential for older kids as well. They too need to feel that sense of security.

Remember that, in the end, you are your child’s number one teacher. Lead by example of how you wish for them to live out their life. You alone will make the difference in your child’s future.

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