New Oklahoma law requires new training for teachers

You’re a teacher, and you’re just getting your class started for the day. Some kids are tired. Some are bright-eyed and ready to tackle the day. Some are even getting right to work. While others are looking to you for direction to start their day.

Can you tell which one is hurting? Which one is hiding secrets to scary to share? Which one is sad?

Larger classes

Class sizes are getting larger each year, which means it’s easier that ever for teachers to miss subtle signs. Everyone knows that teachers – and all caregivers – work to not only teach our children, but are also very often the strongest advocate and protector for so many children. Being the first line of defense carries many responsibilities; and recognizing the signs of abuse is at the top of the list!

Bruises and behavior changes are just some of the signs. But often bruises can’t be seen and let’s face it – kids’ behavior changes all the time. So, what else should you be looking for?

A new law and training

A new state law has been passed which will help train teachers and care-givers to recognize these signs. The training, while required for teachers, is highly recommended for all care-givers. Daycares, before and after-school programs and even Sunday School teachers can all benefit from this training.

Family Builders has stepped up to make sure teachers can easily comply with the new law, as well as making it easy for all care-givers to receive the training with a 90 minute class. In the class, you will learn:

  • How to recognize sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse
  • What to do if a child reports abuse
  • Why it is so important to report even suspected abuse
  • How to properly report abuse

Scheduling the training for your group is easy: Simply call Family Builders at 405.232.8226 and request the training. Our staff will work with you to schedule the training, and to make it even easier, we bring the training to your location.

At Family Builders, we are dedicated to breaking the cycle of abuse. We know what works, and we invite you to join us in strengthening families.

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