5 safety tips for family trick-or-treating

Halloween can be a fun time for family and friends to get together, enjoy the cooler fall weather, and come home with some candy too! To make sure that trick-or-treating stays a fun, safe activity, here are five safety tips to talk about with your children.

1. Practice traffic safety

Halloween is a great time to teach children about street and sidewalk safety. Help them remember to walk on sidewalks as much as possible. If there aren’t any sidewalks, show children how to walk facing traffic, close to the curb, so they can see oncoming traffic.

Don’t forget to leave phones and other electronic devices in your pocket so you’re able to keep an eye out for cars and other people!

2. Stick with a group

As a parent, it’s best to trick-or-treat with your child unless you’re sure they’re mature enough to be out (with friends, not on their own). If they go trick-or-treating with friends, make sure they’re friends you know and trust, and you know where they plan on trick-or-treating.

3. Plan for separation

Let your child know that you don’t intend on getting separated, but you want to make sure they know what to do just in case that happens.

Go over your cell phone and home phone numbers, as well as your address, with your child before heading out for the night. Remind them that they can call 911 if they forget any of those numbers or they feel unsafe.

4. Talk about the unexpected

Family safety rules should include rules about how to respond if an adult (known or unknown) makes your child feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Run through those safety rules together with your child: if someone makes your child feel not-okay, tries to take them somewhere, or hurt them, they should say “NO” as loud as they can, and try to get away any way they can.

5. Be present

Your presence can help your children be safer on Halloween. Walk with your children to the doors of homes, and don’t let them enter a house or approach a vehicle unless you’re with them.

All safety rules are designed to help you address a situation that probably won’t happen (like a fire drill). But making a plan for trick-or-treating can help your children stay safe!

Having a safety conversation with your child before trick-or-treating lets them know that you care about them and you trust them to help you keep them safe.

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