Lashay gains strength for her children

Can people really change? We believe so, and stories about how people have grown and changed are some of the best ways to see that. Lashay was one of our recent clients, and we are so fortunate that she is willing to share her story.

Lashay graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2012, and her work experience includes working at DHS for three years as a case worker in the Child Welfare Division. She has two sons.

In 2015, one of her sons received a severe spanking from Lashay’s boyfriend. It was a spanking that went beyond the bounds of acceptable punishment.

Although Lashay was not the main culprit, she allowed it to happen. When her son told someone about it, DHS began to investigate the situation.

Part of what made this turn of events so difficult for Lashay was that she was used to being on the other side of this situation. As a DHS case worker, she dealt with these kinds of issues all the time, and she was great at it! It was surreal when it was her family being investigated.

When Lashay’s children were removed from her home, she realized it was time for things to improve. DHS referred her to Family Builders so that she could learn the parenting skills required to get her children back home. She began taking accountability for her actions, as well as the inaction that had brought DHS into the picture in the first place. She decided to stop blaming others-or her circumstances-and just fix it.

Lashay knew she couldn’t change the past, but she could learn from it. She decided to learn the skills required to be a better mother.

She now describes the parenting classes as cathartic. In those classes, she could see that other parents had made mistakes as well. But like her, they were also trying to fix those mistakes. That community of parents made it more bearable on the days that Lashay couldn’t see her kids.

The tools Lashay gained at Family Builders have empowered her to be a better mom. The experience gave her hope for her family. Without taking the parenting class, Lashay believes she would never have changed her perspective on parenting.

Lashay believes that the strength she found also helps her sons in two ways: they now know what to look for in their future wives, and she can teach them how to be better adults than they would have been otherwise.

In her own words: “I have the power to raise children-men-who won’t be the ones who are snapping off and hitting somebody. And that’s hope. That is hope for the future generations.”

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