Recognizing abuse is the first step to stopping it

If there were a terrible, debilitating, and potentially fatal disease that affected one in four children in our community, wouldn’t we all be clamoring for a cure?

Every day in Oklahoma, 41 children are confirmed as victims of abuse. This abuse, whether physical, mental, or sexual, can stifle a child’s potential and lead to a wide range of social problems and lifelong health issues. As tragic stories of abuse continue to shock our communities, it has caused Family Builders to ask the question: What if we all looked at child abuse like a true epidemic, like a cancer, that ravages its victims and eats away at the health of the whole community?

How do we fight an epidemic or disease? We talk about it. We see it on television, in social media, and we wear different colored ribbons to signify our support of efforts to eradicate the disease. We remove the stigma surrounding the disease.

Unfortunately, we don’t do that with child abuse. Why? I believe it’s because child abuse is something so horrific that we don’t want to admit it happens in our neighborhood, church, school, etc. But it does. One in four children will be abused before their 18th birthday.

This is everyone’s problem, and we all need to have the courage to protect the children we love.

Do you have the courage?

Family Builders can equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to recognize abuse and report it. Our Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and More than Stranger Danger trainings teach adults how to keep the children in their lives safe. In fact, for every adult who attends one of these workshops, 10 children are made safer.

Won’t you help fight this epidemic that is ravaging our children? Call us or email to schedule a training for your school or organization.

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