Make kids safer by educating yourself

You probably don’t want to think about kids getting hit by a car when they cross the street, right? That’s why we educate them on how to cross the street safely. You equip them with the tools they need to know what to do.

Shouldn’t we be educating the community on how to keep our kids safe in regards to abuse as well?

At Family Builders, all of our programs are about education. But we have three that really focus on educating the community that we offer at no charge to just about any group.

The first program is primarily for the parents of children, and that’s our More Than Stranger Danger program. 90% of sexual abuse is perpetrated on children by someone they know and trust. We educate parents and guardians on the signs to look for, which includes things like:

  • An adult that wants to spend more time alone with kids than they do with adults.
  • An adult that singles out one particular child and primarily shows attention to that child.
  • An adult that frequently offers to help with children to gain alone time with them.

People worry about the random stranger at the park, but that type of abuse is really rare. It could happen, but it’s much more likely to be someone the child knows and trusts.

The second program is primarily for teachers and care providers, and that’s our Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse program.

People would be amazed how many teachers and day care providers don’t know the signs to look for in regards to abuse happening, much less what to do after they see the signs! We go into schools, churches, and day care centers to teach them what to look for and what to do when they see the signs.

The third program is directed toward children, and that’s our Kids on the Block program. We use puppets to teach children about bullying and abuse. We teach them what to do when they are bullied and abused, and how to keep telling adults until someone believes them.

Family Builders offers all three of these programs free of charge. To learn more or schedule a training session, call us or

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