Restoring families torn apart

Nobody wants to see a family torn apart for any reason, including abuse. But restoring the family is by no means a quick process. In fact, it is usually a long process. But that’s fitting, because usually the problems have been going on for a long time.

Many of our clients come referred to us by DHS. We’re part of an overall treatment plan for those families, providing just some of the tools they can use for restoration.

Many of the parents have been beaten down and hopeless for a while. They grew up in a household with abuse, and despite their best intentions ended up repeating the cycle. They lost hope of ending that cycle long ago.

For those parents, we restore their hope. We show them that they can change. It is possible for them to be a good parent, get their kids back, and have their family together again.

Similarly, the children have lost hope as well. They got to the point where they couldn’t rely on their parents to care for them. And often it had been going on for years!

We play a part in restoring that trust in their parents, which in turn restores the children’s hope. Their parents do have the ability to care for them. They don’t have to rely on a state agency or foster care, they can rely on their own parents.

We love hearing stories from families we’ve helped, because they really demonstrate cases where parents wanted to change, and we helped equip them with the tools and resources they needed. And that helped to restore those families that had been torn apart.

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