We’d like to thank you

Family Builders exists to stop abuse. Our mission is to strengthen relationships and break the cycles of child abuse and family violence.

But we don’t do it alone! A lot of people and organizations are involved in helping us fulfill our mission, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who help.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division plays a huge role in our organization. We partner with DHS to provide services for families whose children may be at risk of abuse or who have substantiated cases of abuse. We are often one piece of a larger treatment plan for families, and we provide just some of the tools they can use for restoration.

We partner with many other non-profit organizations, the courts, and government offices to protect children and to help their parents provide safe, loving, nurturing homes.

The public is involved as well. We have a whole portion of our organization dedicated to community education programs. These programs teach people about this issues of child abuse and family violence and what each of us can do to prevent that abuse or stop it if abuse has already occurred. In addition, members of the community frequently come tour our facilities, learn more about our mission, and share what they’ve learned with others.

We also have amazing staff people, including our group facilitators who work directly with the families on an ongoing basis. The facilitators really get to know the clients and help them over the course of the classes and programs.

Naturally, those facilitators wouldn’t be able to do their job without parents who are willing to make a change. Many of the parents we work with grew up in abusive homes and are just living out the examples they’ve seen. It takes a lot of work to change, and we greatly appreciate their willingness.

We have a great board of directors who keeps our organization focused on what really matters and holds me accountable as the executive director.

Last, but certainly not least, we have some incredible donors and volunteers who support Family Builders with their time, talent, and treasure.

Thank you to all the individuals and organizations I’ve mentioned, and of course many others I haven’t. We appreciate all you do in helping Family Builders strengthen families in Oklahoma.

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