Working as a community to stop child abuse

One in four children will be abused before their 18th birthday. One in four. If you look around your child’s classroom or your church or the neighborhood park, it’s likely that one (or more) of those kids have suffered abuse or will suffer abuse.

Most of us don’t want to admit that such a thing could happen so close to us, but it does. Every day in Oklahoma, 41 children are confirmed as victims of abuse, which can include physical, mental, or sexual abuse.

We as a community have the power to stop child abuse, but we first have to admit that it’s a problem and start talking about it. Sadly, not very many people do talk about it because of the stigma surrounding child abuse. But it’s time to start talking about it, because we can’t solve a problem until we admit that it exists.

Part of talking about it is educating people on how to recognize the signs of abuse and report it. Education is a key part of our mission at Family Builders. We work to stop the cycle of abuse both by providing parents with the tools necessary to build healthy relationships and by offering education programs in the community.

We offer two important trainings to help empower the community to stop child abuse:

  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
  • More Than Stranger Danger.

These trainings equip adults with the tools necessary to keep children safe, whether that’s their own children, kids at church, or the kid who lives down the street.

Our educational programs are designed for adults who work with children, which includes parents, teachers, pastors, and individuals who work at schools, churches, youth sports leagues, after school programs, day care centers, and youth camps. We teach them the signs to look for and then what they should do when they see those signs.

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