Back to school safety

 It’s back to school time again! For some kids, it may be a new environment. For others, it will be full of old friends.

Regardless, kids need a safe environment to grow and thrive. What can you do to make things safe for your kids and others?

An important step in making schools safe is recognizing when a situation is bad. Family Builders offers education for all ages when it comes to spotting and stopping dangerous situations. 

Professionals and volunteers

For professionals and volunteers who work directly with children, we offer Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse.

Participants are taught how to recognize the symptoms and long-term effects of child abuse as well as how to respond to suspected abusive situations in a way that’s safe for he child and person reporting. Abusive situations include physical, sexual, and mental abuse as well as neglect.

Elementary age children

Elementary age children are taught important recognition and reporting lessons with our Kids on the Block interactive puppet program. This program helps children learn about sensitive topics like bullying and abuse in a way that is engaging, non-threatening, and fun.

After watching a thirty minute puppet show and receiving follow-up materials, your child will begin to understand the difference between tattling and reporting, the importance of telling an adult when they are facing a problem too big for the to handle, and how to help a friend who is facing a bully.

Kids on the Block can accommodate up to 70 students at a time. For more information regarding this program, please call us at 405-232-8226.

Parents and trusted adults

Parents, it’s your turn to learn a few lessons. More than Stranger Danger is designed for parents and other trusted adults to build on family safety rules. We educate concerned adults on ways to talk about touching safety and other sensitive topics with children. Parents will also be equipped with how to spot potentially dangerous behaviors between their child and other adults.

Who can help?

Family Builders is looking for anyone who works closely with children to schedule presentations with us. Everyone can play a role in ending the cycle of abuse in Oklahoma. For all of these programs, we travel to you and there is no charge for this service.

If you are not scheduling a program but are interested in participating in our mission, please read more information.

You can also read more about our Community Education & Outreach programs.

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