Dad, you are essential, and we thank you!

Fathers are an essential element in the healthy development of children. This Father’s Day, we wanted to highlight and thank them for helping their children grow up to be strong, mentally healthy adults.

What makes a good dad?
A good father is present and engaging; they show up for important events and spend quality time with their children. They are attentive instead of dismissive and cultivate positive experiences with their children, therefore helping their development into healthy adults.
Not only can fathers provide their children with a sense of protection and economic support, but they also can provide their children with a different parenting approach than their mothers. Fathers play rough with their kids and encourage more risk-taking. Good fathers help foster a sense of independence for their children and give them the courage to step into the world with confidence.

Children are watching their fathers closely and actively. The most important things a father can teach their children are demonstrated through their actions. Humans are social beings, and we learn mostly through modeling and imitation. Children are vulnerable to behavioral patterns, so to be a good dad, fathers must behave how they hope their children will, once they get older.

For all of these ways fathers shape their children, we say thank you! Thank you for the values you bring when you are present and engaged and thank you for helping shape your children’s futures when you love them the way they need to be loved. From everyone at Family Builders, Happy Father’s Day!

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