Building Your Core Value Bank

We all can probably agree that 2020 has been a weird year. With the mandatory quarantine in most states due to COVID-19, many people began to experience symptoms of sadness and depression. It is also very easy to forget your value and worth when you are stuck indoors and unable to go to work, school, or out to social events. Being reminded of your core value is most important at this time for your mental state and your personal security that comes from within.

What is Core Value?
Core Value is the security that comes from within you, providing a sense of importance, and forms your foundation that supports your self-esteem, well-being, and power. It is a deep-rooted feeling telling you that you are valuable, loveable, and enough. The Core Value that lies within us reminds us that no behaviors, problems, or events that can happen to us will reduce our value.

How to Determine your Core Value Bank
Your Core Value Bank is an image of your internal value. The easiest way to quickly figure out what phrases to use when talking about your Core Value is to develop ten different traits or phrases that are the most important to you.
Examples can be family time, connection, love, freedom, honesty, loyalty, etc. Once you have your list of 10, cut it down to 6, then cut it down again to 3. These are the three most essential traits to you, and this is what you should be exuding every day. Remembering and radiating these traits will help you to always stay in touch with your Core Value. While your Core Value can never be lost, you can forget your Core Value, ultimately making you feel depleted and empty. When you feel this way, it could lead to you making abrupt decisions that are not good for you, and the need to control situations when you feel out of control.

Core Value Power Affirmations
If you feel out of touch with your Core Value, there are plenty of ways to remember your worth and value quickly. Using your Core Value Bank, you can make small affirmations that you say daily. Such as “I am an honest and loyal person, and I will be that for my family,” or “I will show the world love today, and the world will show me love back,” and “I will build meaningful connections with those around me so that we have a closer bond.” Repeating these statements before your day begins will help you reconnect with your Core Value every morning and boost your overall outlook on your life, seeing the bright side, instead of the negative side.

Would you like to learn more about your Core Value and how it can better impact your life? If so, we have a class called the Compassion Workshop that walks you through precisely what your Core Value is, why it is essential, how it will help you when Core Hurts affect your life, and different exercises when things do not go your way. If you are interested, give Family Builders a call at (405) 232-8226.

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