How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes, achieving your goals can seem like an impossible task. Even if you have a clear plan as to how you will accomplish your goals, there are always obstacles in your path. Overcoming those obstacles is what brings life meaning and provides a sense of accomplishment and success. Here are some tips to help you overcome the obstacles that sometimes keep you from achieving your goals.

Three types of obstacles
There are three types of obstacles that you will face: External, internal, and habitual. External obstacles are things out of your control, such as the economy, natural disasters, or COVID 19. Internal obstacles are typically issues that you have direct control of, such as cash flow and time availability. Finally, there are habitual obstacles that can be described as “getting in your own way.”

Avoid obstacles using empathy
According to emotional intelligence author Daniel Goleman, empathy is understanding people’s emotional makeup and treating people according to their emotional reactions. Empathy is vital in all aspects of life. It helps us to develop deep levels of communication and trust toward one another. The lack of empathy can create many interpersonal communication problems, including conflicts.

Here are a couple of ways to learn empathy:
• Pay attention to how people react. Look at their facial expressions and body language.
• Practice active listening instead of listening to respond. Really listen to what people are saying.
• Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were going through what they are currently going through?

Sometimes we may not feel what others are feeling, but we can try to understand why they might be feeling that way. Being empathetic is extremely important in successfully overcoming some of life’s obstacles.

How to overcome obstacles
Self-Awareness is crucial when attempting to overcome anything life throws your way. If you are aware of the obstacle, you are one step closer to getting through it. Once you are aware of the types of obstacles you face, you can commit to being focused and disciplined on achieving your goals. You must make yourself emotionally commit time and effort towards your goal. No distractions, other projects, time restraints, or external factors should stand in the way of you and your goal. Get creative on how to solve your problems! Use motivation techniques, encourage others working towards the same goals to join your journey, see how you can knock out two goals at once. It will always be worth it for you to take the time to find a fun and creative solution to overcoming your obstacles.

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