New Beginnings Celebration July 2021

Our clients have either been involved in domestic violence or a situation where the child may have been in danger. The court has deemed the individuals who take our programs able to reunite with their families once they complete our curriculum. Our clients are typically court-ordered to take our programs; however, we have people sign up on their own accord. This past July, on Thursday the 29th, our staff members, our clients, and their loved ones celebrated their completion of either our 12-week Parenting Program, our 52 week Batter’s Intervention Program, or both.

Our parenting program consists of 12 weeks of Parenting and Compassion classes. In the parenting class, all participants are taught to unlearn harmful parenting techniques and relearn techniques that foster healthy growth for the children. The compassion class teaches individuals how to deal with stressful situations before reacting in a way that can cause additional damage to anyone involved. Many people with children will tell you that it’s hard taking parenting advice from others. However, we make sure that our clients understand that it’s essential to let go of old habits to make room for new ones.

Our batter’s intervention program is 52 weeks of teaching our clients how to understand their anger and how it affects those in their lives and how to manage their reactions to anger better. These individuals, along with those in our parenting program, meet weekly and are given homework assignments to help them dive deeper into the lesson of the week.

Between financial struggles and dealing with the stress of not being with your children, the individuals who complete our programs have demonstrated an extreme amount of dedication and perseverance to get it all done. For them and us, the children are the motivation to help us keep fighting to make improvements where necessary. This is why we find it extremely important to take the time out to honor their hard work and program achievements.

At this particular celebration on July 29th, 2021, not only did we have the largest turnout at a New Beginnings Celebration in Family Builders History, but we also got to hear some words from our clients about their time in the program. Many of them thanked us for giving them a new way of problem-solving by encouraging them to focus on the solution rather than on the problem. In addition, if any of our clients who have completed our programs need additional classes to brush up on the material they were taught, we offer these services free of charge.

We can’t wait to celebrate the next round of program completions at the next New Beginning Celebration!

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