Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Most Family Builders clients have encountered situations that have put them with their backs up against the wall. From custody battles to domestic violence allegations, substance abuse rehabilitation, and many things in between. If DHS is involved, many of them are also fighting to be with their kids. Sometimes, Family Builders clients are grandparents who just took over custody of their grandchildren, and they need a refresher on how to raise a child. Whether they are taking Parenting and Compassion or the Batterer’s Intervention Program, there is an opportunity to make improvements that could lead to ending the cycle of abuse. Check out these life changes that Family Builders clients have made after completing the program.

11 life changes Family Builders clients have made

  1. Gained knowledge about the importance of structure in a child’s life, such as routines.
  2. Gained insight into the importance of nutrition and picking their battles wisely with preteen daughters.
  3. Learned to let go of the little things and the importance of making good memories for their child/children.
  4. Learned to use the HEALS tool, which allows them to stop and evaluate the situation before they react.
  5. Gained a better perspective of self-control, self-confidence, and an increase in dealing with their problems.
  6. Shared an overall increase in their ability to take better care of themselves, which in return allows them to take better care of their child/children.
  7. Learned from the power struggle topic that the more power you have, the more responsibility you must accept, and that means respecting the rights and feelings of both yourself and others.
  8. Continuing to work on their self-worth in healthy ways and empowering themselves and others.
  9. Became passionate about stopping abuse in all forms.
  10. Able to conquer feelings of regret, rejection, grief, closure, and loss.
  11. Has a responsible job, makes good relationship choices, takes full responsibility for their attitudes and actions, and continues to be eager to grow.

Family Builders’ programs give people another chance to be with their families and to make things right. It takes courage to unlearn the behaviors that have landed them in the situation where they need to take these classes. However, any individual who completes these programs is made better because of them. To ensure all clients are equipped with the tools they need to succeed after completing the programs; Family Builders programs stay open to any client who needs a refresher, free of charge. For more information, contact 405-232-8226 or visit

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