5 ways to ease the holiday blues

Many times, the holidays can be difficult. People are celebrating without their loved ones for the first time or they could also be experiencing financial hardships and can’t celebrate how they had hoped. The holidays can be a reminder that we aren’t exactly where we want to be in life. This holiday season, don’t let the holiday blues take over! Here are 5 tips to ease the holiday blues:

  1. Socialize – as tempting as it is to spend the holiday alone sulking in sadness – DON’T! Get out there and meet some new people or catch up with some familiar faces.
  2. Look at the lights – Christmas lights have a funny way of cheering you up. Find a neighborhood that has a light show to lift your spirits.
  3. Volunteer – find some way to give back to your community. There are many organizations who could use helping hands during the holidays.
  4. Self-care – do something for yourself! Buy yourself something nice or spend time doing your favorite hobby. It’s necessary that you check in with yourself and you do the things that keep you full.
  5. Laugh- there are few things that a good laugh can’t cure. Watch a funny movie or do something silly and how much better that makes you feel.
    One way we are combatting the holiday blues this season is with our partnership with Happy Plate Concepts. We are partnering with Happy Plate Concepts restaurants to gift our clients and their families’ with some Christmas presents.

To participate, visit any Happy Plate Concepts location to take an ornament from the giving tree. Each ornament has a gift request for our clients and their families. Return the gift to the Happy Plate Concepts location and they will wrap each gift for us! Find the Happy Plate Concepts locations here.

On Tuesday, December 21st we will be hosting a Christmas Party at Family Builders (2401 NW 23rd St, Suite 5, OKC, OK 73107) from 4 pm to 7 pm to disperse the presents to our clients and celebrate their program accomplishments together! There will also be free refreshments at this Christmas party, so, bring your sweet tooth! We couldn’t be more thankful for this partnership with Happy Plate Concepts so we can bring in the holidays and the New Year on a very special note!

To learn more about Family Builders, the services we offer, and how you can get more involved give us a call at 405-232-8226.

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