Child abuse prevention month – April 2022

In 2020, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services received and reviewed 67,185 child abuse reports. Of those reports 23.2% were substantiated, meaning there was evidence to prove them. Child abuse can consist of neglect, exposure to domestic violence and substance abuse, sexual and physical assault, and more. Sadly, the largest offenders of abuse towards children are parents or someone close to the children. 

Why do parents abuse their own children? Many times, people parent the way they were parented. They may not know that there is anything wrong with their behavior. They think “I turned out okay, so my kids will be fine”. However, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have a huge impact on the development of a child’s health, behaviors, and life potential. Children who experience child abuse will have a tough time forming substantial relationships, they’re more susceptible to disease, and mental illness and could live unstable adult lives. 

At Family Builders we work to end this vicious cycle of abuse through our court-ordered programs and our free community outreach efforts. For offenders of abuse, we provide parenting and compassion workshops and a batterer’s intervention program as well as Interactive Therapy and supervised visitation. We also provide a free bullying prevention program to children aged Pre K to 5th grade. These services potentially prevent parents from being repeat child abuse offenders and they also teach children to have empathy for one another. 

This April, you can support Family Builders and our efforts to put an end to child abuse by attending at least one of our giveback events this month. A percentage of all proceeds made during these events will come back to Family Builders.

  1. Kendra Scott – 5810 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 2 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 – April 13th – (5 pm to 7 pm) April 14th (
  2. Hideaway – 901 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102 – April 20th – (4 pm to 9:30 pm)
  3. Raising Canes – 2036 NW 23rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73106 – April 27th – (time TBD – more information coming soon)

Although this month we are raising awareness on this very crucial community issue, the work we do to prevent child abuse is year-round and donations and partnerships to help us combat this issue are always welcome and appreciated. 

To learn more about our services, give us a call at 405-232-8226. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @familybuildersok to stay informed.