Parenting tips: Back-to-school edition

As the summer days dwindle, back-to-school season has fallen upon us. Aside from gathering school supplies, new clothes, and all of the other back-to-school preparations, parents should establish routines for themselves and their little ones. Having a routine and providing consistency in the home will allow for an environment where everyone can thrive and be their best selves!

For a child, going to school can feel the same to them as a full day of work for an adult. Additionally, they will have homework, studying, and possibly extracurricular activities once they get done with school. Therefore, along with creating good study, bedtime, and morning routines, it is essential for parents to establish nurturing parenting routines to support their children. Establishing nurturing parenting routines early in a child’s life helps establish feelings of trust, security, empathy (the ability to care), personal power, and positive feelings of self-worth. Each characteristic is essential to help children succeed in school and life as they grow and develop.

Here are some tips for establishing nurturing parenting routines:

  1. Provide gentle touch – Hugs, kisses, and tickles communicate love and care to a child.
  2. Praise your child – Encouraging words and words of affirmation such as “Good job” help build a child’s sense of power, self-worth, and desire to participate. 
  3. Give happy pleasant facial expressions – Young children especially love to look at a happy, playful face. This provides a safe space for children not to feel scared or afraid.
  4. Have a sense of caring – Talking to and reading to a child is a great way to show that you care, and it also helps a child’s brain to develop language, thinking, and expression of emotions. 
  5. Have fun and a sense of humor – This will help parents and their children unwind from a rough day. After all, happiness and playfulness are important aspects of life.

In conclusion, the sooner a parent establishes nurturing parenting routines in a child’s life, the better, but it’s never too late to start. Children, like plants (and even parents), need a nurturing environment to grow into healthy adults.

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