What We Do

Family Builders provides a wide variety of services to parents, families, individuals and community groups.

The services we offer center on two basic beliefs:

  • 1 To truly STOP THE CYCLE of abuse and family violence, we must treat the issue at the root of the problem. This means that we target the source of the abuse, the abuser, and provide him or her with tools for building healthy relationships.
  • 2 To truly SOLVE the issues of abuse and family violence, we must bring more community members to the table to learn about the issues and find collaborative solutions. This means that we provide training and education for individuals, families and organizations within the community that are already committed to serving children and families in some way. This includes parents, teachers, pastors, volunteers and child-serving organizations such as schools, churches, youth sports leagues, after school programs, day care centers and youth camps.

Our Services:

Parenting Programs

Parenting is a learned skill, and at some point, all parents need help.

Community Education

We're working to engage more members of the community in combating child abuse & neglect.

Batterers Program

We offer a Batterer’s Intervention Program certified by the office of the Attorney General.

Co-Parenting & Divorce

Divorce can have a devastating effect on children - be the change.