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"At our afterschool program, we are confident that the training Family Builders provides on protecting children from child abuse will be beneficial to any person, staff or volunteer, who has the opportunity to be someone a child trusts."

Child abuse is a community problem, cutting across all demographic lines. In an effort to engage more members of the community in combating child abuse and neglect, Family Builders offers the following community education programs:

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse: Scheduling presentations now! For professionals and volunteers who work directly with children. Provides participants with the tools to recognize the symptoms & long-term effects of child abuse and to respond to suspected abuse in a way that's safe for the child as well as the person reporting. Also includes Q&A time with our experienced presenter. Workshops are 1.5 to 2 hours long and are eligible for CEU's. Contact Laura Gamble to schedule a presentation at your site!

More than Stranger Danger

Scheduling presentations now! Helps parents and other trusted adults to build on family safety rules that are already in place. We educate concerned adults on ways to talk about touching safety and other sensitive topics with children, and equip them to look out for potentially dangerous behaviors and relationships between their child and other adults. Includes examples of specific ways to talk with your children as well as significant time for Q&A with our experienced presenter. Contact Laura Gamble to schedule a presentation for your parent group!

Kids on the Block

puppetsScheduling Presentations Now! Kids on the Block is an interactive puppet program that helps elementary school age children learn about sensitive topics like bullying and abuse in a way that is fun, engaging, and non-threatening. Through a 30-minute puppet show and follow-up materials, children will learn things like how to help a friend who is facing a bully, the difference between "tattling" and "reporting," and the importance of telling an adult when they are facing a problem too big for them to handle. Contact Laura Gamble to bring us out to your school, church, or any other group!

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