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"I wish I'd known this before I had my kids. Why don't they teach this stuff in school?"

Family Builders' parenting programs are vital for parents who are working hard to break the cycle of abuse and create a safe, nurturing, loving home for their children. Parenting is a learned skill, and at some point, all parents need help, especially those parents who may have grown up experiencing a less than ideal home environment.

We offer two 12-week, evidence-based group parenting programs:

  • Nurturing Parenting Skills
    Parents learn how to handle feelings, communicate needs, how to be empathetic, and how to take charge of their own behavior. They learn to establish nurturing routines for regular family affairs such as bedtime and mealtimes. Parents learn to replace hitting and yelling with more effective discipline techniques as well as learning to give and receive healthy touch. This program can be customized for specialized populations such as teen parents, grandparents raising grandchildren and parents of special needs children.
  • Compassion Workshop
    Parents come to understand the root causes of their emotions and learn to deal constructively with those emotions. Compassion Workshop offers a process for parents to use to control and dissipate their anger.

We also offer these individualized services for parents and families

  • Parent-Child Observations
    These 60 minute sessions allow parents to interact with their children while being observed by a staff member through a two-way mirror. This allows staff to assists parents in applying what they’ve learned in class.

For information on Parenting Programs, contact: Susan Kester, Manager, Parenting Program

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